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The CommonJS Mailing List

AMD CommonJS

Both AMD and CommonJS are valid module formats with different end-goals.

AMD adopts a browser-first approach to development, opting for asynchronous behavior and simplified backwards compatibility but it doesn't have any concept of File I/O. It supports objects, functions, constructors, strings, JSON and many other types of modules, running natively in the browser. It's incredibly flexible.

CommonJS on the other hand takes a server-first approach, assuming synchronous behavior, no global baggage and attempts to cater for the future (on the server). What we mean by this is that because CommonJS supports unwrapped modules, it can feel a little more close to the specifications, freeing us of the define() wrapper that AMD enforces. CommonJS modules however only support objects as modules.

For developers wishing to create modules that can work in both browser and server-side environments, existing solutions could be considered little lacking. To help alleviate this, James Burke, I and a number of other developers created UMD (Universal Module Definition) .

UMD is an experimental module format that allows the definition of modules that work in both client and server environments with all or most of the popular script-loading techniques available at the time of writing. Although the idea of (yet) another module format may be daunting, we will cover UMD briefly for the sake of thoroughness.

It's important however to note that a module is really only treated as a CommonJS module if it doesn't contain a dependency array and the definition function contains one parameter at minimum. This also won't work correctly on some devices (e.g the PS3). For further information about the above wrapper, see Stuart Weitzman Leather RoundToe Flats Clearance Reliable Cheap Shop For Cheap Discount hxgysA

Taking this further, we wanted to provide a number of different patterns that not just worked with AMD and CommonJS, but also solved common compatibility problems developers wishing to develop such modules had with other environments.

One such variation we can see below allows us to use CommonJS, AMD or browser globals to create a module.

Define a module commonJsStrict , which depends on another module called b . The name of the module is implied by the file name and its best practice for the file name and the exported global to have the same name.

If the module b also uses the same type of boilerplate in the browser, it will create a global .b that is used. If we don't wish to support the browser global patch, we can remove the root and the passing this as the first argument to the top function.

Muco works as one of the guides at Bunk’Art 1. The 24-year-old cultural history graduate spends her days in a place so secretive it was known only as ‘Facility 0774’, an emotionless moniker for a structure built to survive the end of days.

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Enver Hoxha was Albania’s ruler for four decades. From the close of World War Two until the mid-1980s, he ruled the country under a brand of Stalinist self-sufficiency designed to turn Albania into a modern independent country. It was a singular path – his zealous adherence to Marxist-Leninism allowed little deviation. Albania broke relations with Yugoslavia in 1948, the Soviet Union in 1961 and China in 1979, all because of a perceived dereliction of socialist duty.

There are thought to be more than 300 rooms in the once-secret complex (Credit: Stephen Dowling)

With this Stalinist zeal came paranoia. Hoxha, a former partisan who had fought the Germans in World War Two, believed that enemies from both the East and West planned to invade this tiny mountainous country. He ordered an enormous programme of bunker-building, which would allow Albania’s citizens to fight a guerrilla war from a vast network of concrete pillboxes. And while the fighting raged, Hoxha, along with the rest of the ruling elite, would coordinate the resistance from this bunker.

Facility 0774 is the result of Hoxha’s singular paranoia. Built between 1972 and 1978, it boasts more than 300 rooms spread across five subterranean levels, much of it deep inside the foothills of the Mali I Dajtit mountains to the east of the Albanian capital. It is a windowless, claustrophobic memento of the Cold War in one of its most overlooked corners.

Had the West – or indeed the East – invaded, Facility 0774 would have been a bustling place. The country’s entire defence would have been organised from here. There would have been as many as 300 people inside, including the country’s general staff.

The bunker was constructed in complete secrecy

“There would have been enough food, water and fuel here for them to stay inside for a whole year,” says Muco.

The bunker was constructed in complete secrecy. On one wall is an image of Hoxha visiting on the day of its inauguration, one of only a few nights he would spend here before his death in 1985. Despite this, he had his own quarters, complete with a luxurious bed, a secretary’s office, and a bathroom fitted with a diesel-powered shower. The private chambers are decorated in what looks like some kind of dark wood. “It’s fibreboard,” says Muco. “All the rest of the rooms, like the prime minister’s, they are made of wood. This is the only room done this way.”

Albania transitioned from one-party rule to parliamentary elections in 1991, but the rest of the decade was marked by chaos – in 1997, the country’s government collapsed after the failure of Ponzi financial schemes, which had swallowed up much of the country’s wealth. Some 2,000 people were killed and many military bases were looted in the resulting mayhem. Facility 0774 was one of them.

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